My pops took me to my first ever yoga class when I was about 10 years old. I can't say it was love at first breath, but about 10 years later, the mat was calling my name. I had just taken a promotion and soon-there-after I had a strong calling to plant myself on that wonderful 72x24 inch space of my own. there-on-after I became addicted to my breath, diving head first into the postures and all the juicy lessons and anecdotal insight they have to offer. After 4 years of daily (sometimes twice daily!) practice, life happened. I started to dance with unhealthy addictions. Before I knew it, 2 years had passed me by and I was almost completely consumed by my addictions. So, here I find myself in Costa Rica. I am learning to trust again, building positive human connections with like-minded people, among the healing energies of the palms, and re-introducing myself to my yoga mat. I'm starting over. Much like we start over each time we come to our mats. It is humbling to know this is not a practice of perfection, but rather a practice which fluctuates like the waves of the ocean, all we can do is feel it out and enjoy the ride :)

Alongside yoga, my passions include flow arts of any sort- hula hooping and ecstatic dance; and I hope to learn arial silks and the cyr wheel. I am fluent in English and Spanish and am a natural teacher. I have found myself in teaching positions of all sorts ranging from training the OSHA safety regulations and procedures to teaching a 3 year old how to snowboard. I have almost completed my BA Spanish studies degree at the University of MN, with a minor in teaching ESL. My dream is to live abroad in a Spanish speaking country, to teach English and yoga, and live with the healing energy mother earth has to offer.